Why Choose to Work with a Design-Build Company?

Design-build construction has been a popular building process for decades. Why? A design-build company joins together all the departments needed for home construction under one roof, which results in some unique advantages. 

Here are some of the biggest. 

Faster and More Reliable Construction Time

A home is the most significant investment that most people make in their lifetime, and 40% of that cost is in labor. 

A design-build company is structured to streamline the building process, improving coordination between the designer and contractor in ways that are quicker and easier than if the businesses were separate. They have steps and procedures that result in efficient approvals and improved problem-solving. 

Additionally, having all departments set up internally means the entire business shares the responsibility for the completion time. Since there is one else to blame for missed deadlines, the business works hard to structure any and all work to minimize delays. 

A Predictable Budget 

A home is a significant investment, which makes budget issues during construction particularly painful. Labor is just one consideration that affects your final price. Other factors include design time and material costs. 

When one company is in charge of the design and building process, it keeps a tighter track of all costs and can adjust quickly to maintain your budget.  

One-Stop Shopping 

Designing a home from the ground up can be frustrating due to the wealth of decisions you need to make. You will need to approve everything from exterior facings to interior elements such as kitchen appliances, moldings, window styles, and even light switch designs. The list seems endless. 

A design-build company has a manageable list of options at hand and will guide you through the process to make selecting elements easy. They create and build fully-designed homes every day and know how to simplify the process. They even build pre-designed homes. You won’t have to lift a finger. 

Floor Plans That Actually Work

A design-build company with a long construction history knows what floor plans work well for most owners. Even small floor plans function better and feel bigger than they actually are. At the same time, they know how to balance these benefits with your unique lifestyle to ensure you have a home that is right for you. 

They Aid in Lot Selection

A design-build company may even help you in selecting lots for your home. In some cases, they reserve lot spaces in home developments and offer an effective home design for that location.  

You Gain a Company with Expertise in Efficient Building

A design-build company with an extensive history in the business is familiar with a wide range of builds and design challenges. This means the final building process stays smooth and the finished product matches what you initially imagined. 

New Beginnings New Homes: Your Home for Design-Build Construction

With so much under one roof, a design-build company is worth considering for any new construction. When that same business has a long history in construction, you benefit even more. You can enjoy a top-quality home that was built faster, cheaper, and with less hassle than those built by less experienced builders or those using more traditional construction.  

New Beginnings New Homes has over 35 years in the design-build business. Our range of floorplans and ability to offer turnkey designs and semi and fully-customized plans ensure you have an intelligently designed home that works for you and your unique needs without exceeding your budget. 

Contact us to learn how we can help you design and build a home you’ll be proud of for a lifetime. 


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