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Terry Lawrence – Owner

Terry Lawrence has more than 35 years of wide-ranging experience in the start-up, acquisition and growth management of 35+ business endeavors comprising several industries such as real estate, investment development, sales, marketing, finance, restaurants, and food service.

He has helped numerous clients discover and solve critical business issues and needs.

He has been very successful in helping others in different roles as a consultant, mentor, and coach to help them grow and achieve their business goals.

Terry has a strong passion and a tremendous amount of wisdom to share, which comes from his business success as well as lessons learned from trials and losses. “My victories, thankfully, have vastly outnumbered my failures, but it is the failures that have taught me the most.”

He has learned by working his way to the top, starting as a dishwasher and cook, and transitioning to sales, and then on to corporate CEO and president of western Colorado’s largest real estate development and new home construction company for 18 years.

“Terry has a high degree of energy and empathy to understand the core business issues that his clients have.”


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