What is a New Home Construction Design-Build company?

If you have ever looked into new construction, you most likely have come across the term design-build. What does it mean? 

We use the design-build process every day and have seen firsthand how this type of construction benefits new home buyers, and it can do the same for you. This article explains what a design-build company is and what it can offer you when planning new construction. 

What is a Design-Build Company? 

A design-build company is a business that offers both design and construction services. This business structure is often a huge cost and time-saver. Having everything under one roof allows for faster and easier communication between departments. It also follows streamlined building techniques that result in faster and smoother completion, saving you significant money and hassle. 

How Design-Build Differs from Traditional Construction

A good way to look at a design-build process is to compare it with more traditional home-building techniques. Historically, an architect would provide the construction drafts, and then you, the owner, would find and hire a contractor to bid and handle all the building work. Sometimes, a separate designer, such as an interior designer or interior decorator, would aid with selecting and purchasing interior surface materials, such as wood flooring, paint colors, and tile designs, though some architects and contractors assist in this work. As well as selecting and  hiring a soils engineer and a survey and structure engineer.

There may be some changes in the depth of responsibilities of each entity, but overall, this more traditional approach means there are separate entities that must communicate back and forth between you and each other. These entities may not have a tight relationship or prior experience working with each other.  

A design-build works differently. It handles all roles internally, housing all services within its business. This process allows for a tighter, ongoing relationship between departments, faster communication, and a tighter understanding of cost and timing that comes from improved coordination. 

Choose the Services that are Right for You

Many design-build companies let you choose the level of service to suit different budgets. For instance, you can purchase a new design-build home with all design factors already considered, such as the lot, the home configuration, and all of the surface materials like the countertops, flooring, and tile. This option provides the most savings. 

You can also use your own lot and work with the company to choose between preset home templates or opt for a fully custom home to your liking. The company may also offer semi-custom plans for a slightly lower cost than a fully-custom home. 

Full-Service from Top to Bottom

A design-build company works closely with you to confirm the home fits your design preferences and lifestyle. It will assist with materials selections, sourcing products at competitive costs, and handling all installations. Additionally, it handles all city and neighborhood approvals, zoning and planning as well. If you’re lucky, the company will aid with financing assistance, too.

Many Have Extensive Experience in Quality Construction

If you are interested in building a new home, working with a design-build company provides cost and time benefits worth knowing. If the company has a long history, you also gain an ally who will know the best ways to plan and build your home in your area. 

A seasoned design-build company also has a deep understanding of creating highly-functional plans. They also have dedicated design team members and construction crews to ensure the homes are built right. The longer the company has been in business, the better. 

Learn What a Design-Build Home can Do for You

If you are in the market for a new home, let our experience be your guide. At New Beginnings New Homes, our highly experienced staff has specialized in design-build construction for over 35 years. We know how to design and construct quality homes that fit your unique needs, and we know now how to build them beautifully and efficiently. Our in-depth experience in design and our long-standing relationships with vendors, suppliers, subcontractors, surveyors and engineers will indeed deliver a home that will fit your lifestyle.

We regularly assist in every step of the home building process. From design creation to material selection and financing assistance, we make building a home simple as it can be. This is true whether you have your own lot in mind or are open to other lot options. 

A house is the single most expensive purchase you make in your lifetime. Our expertise in design-builds ensures you a lasting home that fits your needs while giving you the most for your dollar. 

Tour our wide range of floor plans or contact us to tell us your story so we can provide you with a home you’ll be proud to have for a lifetime. 


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