The colors you pick for your household greatly affect the way you and other people feel on a day to day basis. From setting an atmosphere to accentuating furniture, the hues you choose for your walls can make or break a room!

Though you might be wondering what exactly certain colors might mean in the context of a home. Perhaps you’d be interested to know that colors actually have some rather specific influences on the mind and thus the way you perceive different rooms based on how they’re painted.

So first we’ll delve into warm colors, sunset tones like yellow, red and orange. Warm tones are very flexible and can vary in intensity. If you’re using a very bold red for instance, it’s been shown to increase heart rate – it’s a very exciting color, especially on the brighter side. Brighter reds have also been shown to increase metabolic rate, so we suggest considering them in a kitchen or dining room.

Many famous film directors pay close attention to the colors of settings in their movies and red typically means danger, as that’s our instinctive reaction to it. Though it can also mean passion and drive, which can be especially useful in offices or studies. If you use a darker red, perhaps something closer to maroon or crimson, it can be claustrophobic and perhaps even a bit eerie.

Orange is a much softer color than red and so it’s effects are less intense. It’s far more inviting than red too, associated with autumn, it can do plenty to make a living room or entryway look particularly cozy. We suggest going for a gentle shade of orange if you’re looking to make a room feel as inviting as possible.

Yellow can be the most vibrant of the bunch, it sets a boisterous atmosphere and psychologically encourages feelings of happiness, especially the brighter shades. It helps a room feel more expansive and joyful, an excellent choice for kitchens, dining rooms and bathrooms where it can be energizing and uplifting.

It’s important to be wary of just how much of these colors you use though, as studies have shown that an abundance of warm shades in one room as a main color scheme can cause feelings of frustration, babies even cry more when they’re surrounded by these colors. Because warm colors can be so overwhelming, we strongly recommend using them as accent colors to a room.

Still having trouble trying to figure out which colors to paint the rooms of your house? Give us a call sometime, or better yet, stop by!