Now that we’ve done an in-depth analysis of warm and cool tones, we’ll get to the more basic colors in the decorator’s toolkit. Neutral tones are the most flexible colors you have to work with because they pretty much go with every other color under the right circumstances.

They’re most often balancers to the other colors, you add warm or cool tones to liven a room up, and you add neutral tones to calm things down.

Browns and tans are very down to earth tones, they’re great for living rooms or places of study within the household, coupled with other earthy shades of green and a bit of gold. They can really bring a room together and evoke feelings of strength and reliability within the room.

Coupled with warmer shades, brown can promote creativity, though if used in a large amount as the only color, it can be especially draining.

Gray is timeless, practical, and sophisticated. Though alternatively it can come across as boring, drab and creatively stalling. Often, we use gray to symbolize solemn concepts like depression and melancholy, so it’s best to use this color sparingly as an accent to the grand color scheme of a room.

Black is the strongest of the neutral tones and has the greatest effect on the mind compared to the other neutral colors. In interior design’s color theory, black is best used in small amounts contrasting complimentary colors. Though experts advise black be used at least a little bit in every room in order to give the color scheme more depth.

White is just as much a color as any and is also just as impactful as black! Used in contrast with other neutral tones, white comes off as clean, crisp and refreshing. It can bring out other colors – especially those that are bold and bright. Symbolically, white is associated with youth, faith and purity, it can make a small room appear larger.

If you’re going for a more elegant design in your household and you don’t know where to start, neutral tones might be best for you! If it’s all still just a tad bit overwhelming, we get it, it’s all a lot to take in. So give us a call today and we can have a chat about your unique interior design!