We’ve talked about warm colors and their effects on a household, but there is an abundance of different color ranges to choose from and each of them are significant in evoking different emotions. So next on our psychology of color, we’ll indulge cool colors and their influences on the human mind.

Cooler colors are easier on the eye than warmer colors, but just as warm can be overwhelming, so too can cool. It’s important to find a natural balance between the two to avoid any negative side effects of the choice that you make.

Nestled between the refreshingly cool blue and the vibrantly cheerful yellow, you have green. Green in particular is the most restful color on the eye in the right shades – probably best in a softer pale or forest palettes. Because green is so unobtrusive, it’s quite fitting for just about any room in the household though we suggest living rooms because it’s welcoming enough to suggest relaxing, but it has enough warmth to suggest closeness and comfort.

Blue has been shown to bring down blood pressure and promote soothing relaxation, which is why we encourage you to use it in your bedrooms or bathrooms. While blue does have a calming effect in softer shades, it’s important to note that pastel blues often make a room feel cold, even if they look pretty on the palette. If you’re really insistent on using a pale blue, try to balance it out with a soft warm color like orange and aim for rooms that receive a great amount of natural light.

Purple in its boldest shades like eggplant or royal come across as dramatic and sophisticated. Rich values of purple are associated with luxury and creativity, they’re best implemented as an accent to a main color because they can become overwhelming to the eye and even a bit painful to look at.

Though purples in their lighter values like lavender and lilac comes across as dreamy, calming and restful. They’re especially useful in nurseries, bedrooms, and bathrooms without the added worry of making a room feel a little too chilly. They’re even soft enough on the eye to be used as a main color.

We understand if you’re still wary about which colors interest you the most, picking the shades of your dreamhouse can be stressful, which is why we’re here to help! Pick up the phone and shoot us a call if you’re still confused, we’re here for you!