Often we take for granted what is right in front of us in our day to day lives, in this case that’s quite literal. Color affects us all in interesting and unique ways depending on our backgrounds, where we come from often dictates how we interpret colors, which is why it’s important that we choose the right ones for our living spaces. These are the colors you’ll be seeing every single day.

So in order to pick the colors that you’ll be dressing your walls with, you have to also keep in mind the moods that you want to invoke within yourself and those around you. For instance you might want to make living rooms more serene and calm – or perhaps alternatively you’d like to invoke something more energetic and enthusiastic.

While furniture can be used to the same effect, paint is a more subtle and arguably more efficient method. If you’re looking to convey more than one emotion you might want to look into accent walls, especially if you’re going for stark contrasts or if you’re looking for colors that bounce nicely off of one another.

It’s also important to note the colors you put on your ceilings as well! Too often ceilings are neglected, only given a single white coat and left alone despite how much they influence the way a room is perceived. It’s a general rule that ceilings painted lighter colors than the walls appear higher, whereas ceilings painted darker colors than the walls seem lower.

Now lower ceilings aren’t actually a bad thing and don’t equal claustrophobic. In fact some might argue that they give a room a more cozy feeling, bring about a sense of intimacy within the household, which can be very appealing depending on your lifestyle and personal preference!

We cannot stress enough how important it is that the colors you choose are the ones that you feel the most comfortable with, because regardless of what you read on the internet these are the walls that will surround you every time you come home. They’re what you retreat to every night, and often times the color scheme of your household can make or break how you feel about it and can even greatly effect the moods that you find yourself in.

Choosing the hues that suit you the most might seem overwhelming, Stay tuned to this spot tomorrow when we talk about the color hues and how they effect us!